Why am I involved?

Three reasons the partner of a sexual addict should be involved in the recovery process.

Sometimes, partners of those with a sexual addiction have a similar questions — why do I need to be involved in this process? Why is this recovery my burden as well? Many partners in North Idaho or Washington have questions about their significant other’s addiction. Recovery is imperative for both people involved in the relationship. It is important that both the sexual or pornographic addict and their partners recover and relearn the proper way to have healthy, working relationship. Here are the top three reasons partners should be involved in their significant other’s recovery process:

  1. Both need rediscovery
    Both the addict and the partner have a need to rediscover who they are and what they need in a healthy relationship. The partner of a sexual addict needs to rediscover what their idea of being part of a couple means.
  2. Two wounded people cannot have a healthy relationship
    If one or even both people in a relationship hold grudges, are angry or don’t trust, the relationship may very well fail. Both people in a relationship need to be able to trust if the couple is to be a healthy one.
  3. Partners have their own wounds
    Partners need to heal their own wounds of betrayal. They often have symptoms and core issues that should be helped by a certified professional. 

Are you a partner of a sexual addict who is in the first stages of the recovery process? What are some questions you have for our team? Let us know, and contact us today to get started.