The six stages of long-term recovery, and how to rebuild trust

As sexual addicts and their partners begin to consider recovery and reforming their relationship, it may seem as though it is impossible.

However, recovery for sexual addicts and their partners is possible, especially with hard work, communication and respect, as well as the help of a certified professional.

Recovering from a sexual addition will take time, as will rebuilding trust for the partner of a sexual addict. But the effort is worth it to get back a healthy, stable relationship.

For the partner of addicts just starting on the road to long-term recover, the process may seem daunting. However, there are six stage of recovery in most recovery processes:

  1. Developing and pre-discovery: In this stage, the partner starts to see an addiction may be present. As the partner of a sexual addict, you’ve probably already passed this stage.
  2. Crisis, decision and information-gathering: This may be the stage you are at — the partner of a sexual addict realized they can no longer tolerate the problem.
  3. Shock: The partner realizes the extent of the problem and seeks the help of a professional therapist.
  4. Grief and ambivalence: The partner will under stand their losses and pain.
  5. RepairPartners must reconstruct their relationships, both with the sexual addict and with others.
  6. Growth: Partners will experience new depth in their relationships.

These stages apply both to the partner of a sexual addict and the addict and their partner as a couple. These stages — and the help of a professional therapist — will help both members of the couple make long-term decisions, instead of jumping to the conclusion that the marriage must end.

Contact a professional sex addiction therapist to begin the road to long-term recovery.