Sexual addiction in the digital age — how is technology impacting the problem?

Easy access is one of the things that make cell phones, the internet and apps so appealing in today’s world. It is also one of the things that make pornography easier to access than ever before, meaning that more men and women have the chance to use dating or hookup cell phone applications, pornography websites and even texting to the point of becoming sexual addicts.

Sexnology, or sexual technology, can do as much harm as any other potential addiction, such as gambling, alcohol or recreational drugs.

The readily available amount of sexnology presents a problem because it offers nearly infinite amounts of potential hookups or pornography, all at your fingertips. People in the northwest may have heard of dating apps such as Tinder, but there are dozens of different kinds that are teledildonic, which is a long-distance imitation of mutual sex, that offer accessibility, affordability and anonymity.

So what can be done about temptation through technology?

As we’ve talked about before, many times, sexual and pornography addicts are reluctant to seek help because they may not view their behaviors as an underlying source of unhappiness. If they do seek help, it may be for symptoms — depression or relationship trouble — instead of the root problem.

Sexual addiction, especially that using technology, is an addiction the same as a gambling, alcohol or drug addiction. It is a problem, and should be treated by a certified professional.

If you or your significant other is struggling with a sexual technological addiction, contact a professional like the team at Coeur d’Alene Counseling to seek help and recovery.