Partners of Sex Addicts

Partners Facing Their Heartbreak

Learning your partner suffers from sex addiction can create one of the most painful and difficult experiences in life. Your days alternate between uncontrolled anger and shame to obsessive love and acceptance. You’re exhausted from too many nights crying yourself to sleep or days spent in anxious attempts to avoid the misery you feel. The intensity and confusion make you wonder if you should give up and leave the relationship that yesterday was so cherished. Confronted with all these feelings leave youfeeling shattered and looking for decisions to provide immediate rel

ief. Life was so wonderful, and now it is so hard! This inanity of it all is so isolating that life feels unlivable and your screams are pleas for someone to listen, to help. We listen. We understand. We have a way to help you heal.

Is Your Partner a Sex Addict?

Do you wonder if your partner might be a sex addict?  Ask yourself the following questions. You may find some clarity.

  1. Do you feel as if your partner is inordinately preoccupied with sex? For example, when your partner wakes up he or she grabs their phone, even before getting out of bed, to check their possible hookup app profiles, looking to see if anyone contacted them in the night.
  2. Has your partner tried (and failed) to either cut back on or quit certain sexual behaviors altogether. For instance, your partner might have promised you and/or others that they would stop looking at porn. And your partner might have kept those promises for a few days or maybe even a few weeks. But then, suddenly, you found your partner right back at it.
  3. Has your partner experienced negative consequences related to their sexual behaviors? For example, related to your partner’s sexual behaviors have they ruined important relationships, struggled or been reprimanded at work or in school, gotten anxious and depressed, spent money she or he would have rather spent elsewhere, been arrested, or experienced other problems?

If you answered yes to these three questions, there is a strong possibility your partner is sexually addicted. To find out more and have all your questions answered, call Ed Dudding, CSAT at 208-755-7114.

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Healing is Possible

Healing from the pain of your partner’s sex addiction is not an easy journey. Taking hold of your own emotional well-being requires support, and we are able to provide that support. Maybe one of the most difficult tasks partners of sexual addicts must accept is the investment of time, effort, and emotional energy that recovery requires. Although recovery from your partner’s sex addiction takes place in the midst of the enormous hurt, chaos, and trauma of it, be assured! Your recovery is your gift of hope to yourself. You can create a peaceful and healthy life.