How to deal with pornography addiction: three steps to moving forward

An addiction to porn, for an individual or a partner in a relationship, can have negative or even devastating consequences for one’s life.  Those addicted to porn are isolated from real human contact, often using pornography as a medication to numb pain. Because lovemaking and orgasms can release endorphins connected to pleasure centers in the brain, sexual arousal can be intoxicating. Eventually, an individual or a partner may find the mind-altering effects of orgasm necessary to feel happy. So how do you deal with a partner with a pornography addiction?

1) Understand abuse of pornography

Pornography addiction can mean something different to each person and each relationship. In general, a pornography addiction means the addict cannot control the compulsion to utilize porn in a way that is detrimental and numbing to them or their intimate relationship. Porn’s objectification leads to a loss of intimacy in sexual or romantic relationships.

2) Identify the issue

Identifying a pornography addiction can take time and sometimes, professional assistance. Often, people who have a porn addiction only seek help or admit they have a problem after having their problem exposed.

3) Seek professional assistance 

The best way to deal with and understand pornography addiction is to seek professional guidance. For porn addicts in the northwest —or partners who believe their significant other may be struggling with addiction — Coeur d’Alene Counseling can help. From identifying the problem to taking steps toward recovery, contact our professional team today.