Healthy Sexuality Requires Communication

Communication is a big part of all relationships, be it friendships, business partnerships or romantic relationships. We’ve been working on recognizing what you need in your relationship or from your partner because if you don’t know what you’re feeling, you can’t communicate it. Now, it’s time to discuss how to let your partner know that information.

Communication can be both verbal and nonverbal (such as body language.) Your partner may understand your body language some of the time after living with you for so long — for example, when you come home hunched over and rubbing your head, it means you had a long day at work and don’t want to talk about it. However, the easiest way to make sure your needs are met is to verbalize them.

As you move toward recovery from sexual addiction, you will need to communicate with your partner clearly. Here are some simple tools to communicate with your partner better:

  1. Make “I” statements, instead of “you” statements. For example, “I feel this way” instead of “You do things that make me feel this way.”
  2. Take a moment to ask yourself what you’re feeling before verbalizing it — is there tension in your shoulders, or a knot in your stomach? How would you tell someone about it?
  3. Be clear about your needs and how you’ll achieve them. For example, say, “I am lonely and I need comfort. I’m going to call my friend to talk.”

Communicating clearly about your needs will help create an independent, cohesive relationship while meeting each other in a place of honesty. This will help both parties in the relationship be intimate while still being true to themselves.

Is communication between you and your partner not working as well you’d like?  Consider talking to Ed Dudding today and get started on a path to better communication.    

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