Group Therapy

1. What happens in a group session?

Each group begins with a focus on what is happening for each member based on their previous week. The group then processes these issues, providing help and support to each other. Sometimes, there will be a short experiential exercise led by the group facilitator. If a group member wants feedback or requests assistance, there will also be time to work on that. The group ends with a closing summary.

2. Who is eligible to attend the group?

Any woman or man who is willing to work on his issues is welcome in the group. Before they begin, prospective members will meet with the counselor and, with the group’s prior knowledge, are added to the group at the appropriate time.

3. How often and for how long does the group meet?

Group meets weekly for 1.5 hours and clients make a commitment to attend regularly. The minimum commitment is three months, but many people stay longer until their goals are achieved. Clients usually continue their relationship with their referring counselor and see the group as a valuable addition to their individual work.

4. What are the criteria being accepted into the counseling group?

  • Willingness to make attendance a priority.
  • A desire and openness to give and receive feedback.
  • A referral from a professional is optional, but very welcome.
  • A commitment to confidentiality.
  • Wanting to both give and receive support.
  • A commitment to being open and non-judgmental with yourself and others.

5. Is the group covered by insurance?

A very good question. Group therapy coverage is based on your particular insurance policy. Coeur d’Alene Counseling, Inc. does not accept insurance as payment. However, we are an out-of-network provider for many insurance companies. We encourage you to contact your insurance company to verify benefits. If you wish, we will provide a receipt of payment for group counseling services that will include the necessary information to file your insurance claim. You will pay for the group sessions at the beginning of the month at the standard seat rate. If eligible, your insurance company will make payments directly to you, and those payments will be their allowable reimbursement for an out of-network provider.